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Kid Klown in Night Mayor World

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Expert Mode
Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start at the Title Screen.

Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Kid Klown in Night Mayor World on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
  • Infinite Lives
  • Infinite Energy
  • Full Energy From Hearts
  • Less Energy From Hearts
  • More Energy From Hearts
  • Mega Jump
  • Infinite Chances In Sub-Game
    Note: Press start to enter the main game.

Preformatted .CHT File (Action Replay & Game Genie) [US]

The following is a preformatted .CHT file for Kid Klown in Night Mayor World on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). These files have been collected from around the web and may not be all inclusive. Be sure to check the code pages and other preformatted files, if applicable, for additional codes if what you are looking for is not included.

You can also use the codes out of this file manually on the appropriate device or software.
cheats = 22

cheat0_desc = "Infinite lives"
cheat0_code = "AANAUAPA"
cheat0_enable = false

cheat1_desc = "Infinite energy"
cheat1_code = "SZKEOESE"
cheat1_enable = false

cheat2_desc = "Full energy from hearts"
cheat2_code = "AAEAUGLA"
cheat2_enable = false

cheat3_desc = "Less energy from hearts"
cheat3_code = "ZENANLIA"
cheat3_enable = false

cheat4_desc = "More energy from hearts"
cheat4_code = "ZENANLIE"
cheat4_enable = false

cheat5_desc = "Mega jump"
cheat5_code = "GXEZYVVV"
cheat5_enable = false

cheat6_desc = "Infinite chances in sub-game (press Start to re-enter the main game)"
cheat6_code = "GZSEIYVG"
cheat6_enable = false

cheat7_desc = "Infinite Energy"
cheat7_code = "043F:0E"
cheat7_enable = false

cheat8_desc = "Infinite Lives"
cheat8_code = "043E:03"
cheat8_enable = false

cheat9_desc = "Invincibility"
cheat9_code = "044C:0A"
cheat9_enable = false

cheat10_desc = "One Hit Kill Boss"
cheat10_code = "0477:00"
cheat10_enable = false

cheat11_desc = "Infinite Lives"
cheat11_code = "SZNAKESE"
cheat11_enable = false

cheat12_desc = "Invincibility"
cheat12_code = "EYNZVYEI"
cheat12_enable = false

cheat13_desc = "Super Jump in Midair"
cheat13_code = "0438:A0"
cheat13_enable = false

cheat14_desc = "Super Jump"
cheat14_code = "044B:00"
cheat14_enable = false

cheat15_desc = "Speed Modifier"
cheat15_code = "0448:01"
cheat15_enable = false

cheat16_desc = "Infinite Health"
cheat16_code = "043F:19"
cheat16_enable = false

cheat17_desc = "Infinite Lives"
cheat17_code = "043E:09"
cheat17_enable = false

cheat18_desc = "Infinite Chips"
cheat18_code = "0117:63"
cheat18_enable = false

cheat19_desc = "Invincible"
cheat19_code = "044C:22"
cheat19_enable = false

cheat20_desc = "Fake Max Chances"
cheat20_code = "0388:09"
cheat20_enable = false

cheat21_desc = "Max Chances"
cheat21_code = "0080:63"
cheat21_enable = false
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