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Mario Party - Cheats, Secrets, Tips & Tricks

Bowser’s Magma Mountain Stage
Complete the first six stages and collect 1000 coins. You must buy things in the shop, including the key to the Magma Mountain, while playing in those six stages. After that, the Magma Mountain can be played.

Eternal Star Stage
Get 100 stars in the Magma Mountain stage. Then a special event will appear and the Eternal Star stage will appear after that.

Special Shop Items
Complete the Eternal Star stage. Then the ending sequence will appear. After that, special items may be bought in the shops.

Extra Songs
Purchase the record from the Mushroom shop to unlock extra songs on the Bowser’s Magma Mountain and Eternal Star stages. -From: [email protected]

Bumper Ball Maze 1
Go to the mini-game island and beat Toad in the slot car derby (Goal stage). -From: [email protected]

Bumper Ball Maze 2
Beat all fifty mini-games on the mini-game island. -From: [email protected]

Bumper Ball Maze 3
Beat the first two Bumper Ball Maze mini-games to unlock the third. -From: [email protected]

Alternate Title Screen
Complete the game with a character to feature that person as the main character on the title screen.

Get Coins Easily
Select any three characters. Then, stop at the final round of game and turn all the CPU players into players 2P, 3P and 4P. All stars and coins may now be easily collected.

Win Without Playing
Start the adventure or pot of skills game as normal. Then, press Start as soon as the game begins to display the settings screen. Press A, then choose “Controller Settings” and change all human players into CPU players. The game will play automatically. If you wish to collect any coins or stars, change the CPU players back into human players.

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